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The remarkable effectiveness of Sound Healing

Sound Pharmacy is a self-healing method through the natural power of healing sound, the leading alternative method to help cure many illnesses, reduce symptoms and encourage natural healing. Sound Pharmacy promotes 1,300 vibration-based healing sounds, in 40 categories. Each healing sound is uniquely design for its specific healing mission, be it physical, mental, or emotional. Download your healing sound formula and listen 2 times a day for 5 minutes. Let the power of sound healing work for you.


Restore your health with a Healing Sound that fits your diagnosis!


Sound Pharmacy is the market leader in sound therapy.  Our products actively promote natural healing to improve health through the power of over 1,300 different curative sounds that fits specific diagnosis, and promote general health. We have many years of experience in the field of complementary medicine along with unrivaled extensive knowledge and our own state-of-the art technology.  All of our healing sound formulas have been developed by leading experts in the field of alternative medicine and are based on leading frequency healing practices, sound healing research as well as scientific fact. They are each individually designed to heal specific illnesses and we have sounds especially developed to target precise diagnosis. Additionally, our sounds help you feel immense wellbeing.  Through listening to our sound healing therapy, you will actively promote a healthier lifestyle, physically, emotionally and mentally.


The Wonder of Scientifically Proven Musical Medicine

Sound healing is scientifically proven to work and has been used for centuries to encourage good health.  Sometimes referred to as “Musical Medicine”, the practice was first used by Tibetan monks thousands of years ago to aid in recovery from illness and was also later adopted by Pythagoras and Hippocrates.


Today new cutting edge technology has been developed to create incredibly precise instruments that allow the use of sound frequencies to target specific ailments and illnesses, therefore restoring the body’s natural balance.  In fact, there are many documented scientific reports to show that the physical and emotional benefits of sound healing are enormously significant. We are proud to say that our sound therapy healing covers almost every medical condition and all categories of illness (a total of 40 different categories), including areas that are not covered in conventional therapy. From reduced blood pressure and heart rate to a boost in energy, improved immunity and an overall feeling of inner peace.


Affordable, Convenient and Extremely Effective

Sound therapy is also incredibly affordable and a simple, effective method in aiding healing with no side effects whatsoever. Our restorative, balancing sounds can also be used at any time, in any place making this therapy an extremely convenient healing method.

How Sound Healing Frequencies Work

Every part of the body emits typical frequencies that can each be accurately measured and analyzed to determine whether they are normal or abnormal. If an organ is failing to perform in a normal manner, it can easily be corrected and normalized by using sound waves to alter its frequency.  In fact, every illness has its own specific frequency characteristics. By measuring these frequencies and applying the right sound wave measurement to re-balance these broken frequencies, they can be returned to normal and health is restored.

Creating the accurate healing sound

It’s important to bear in mind that each individual illness has its own specific characteristics and sound frequencies. Sound Therapy is, therefore, able to match a healing sound to a particular illness without the need to personally measure the frequencies of each of our clients. Knowing what your diagnosis is makes a huge difference to selecting the correct healing sound. Furthermore, Sound Pharmacy is able to achieve even greater accuracy with you add gender, age and weight information. Please note, since Sound Pharmacy cannot diagnose any condition we encourage our users to seek a medical opinion to determine illness. This helps to choose the correct healing sound.

Medical therapists in clinics and hospitals often administer healing sound through electrodes that are placed on different areas of the body. However, you don’t need electrodes or a medical center. Sound Pharmacy has over 1,300 healing sound formulas that can be used by you, in the comfort of your own home or wherever you want.

Each of our therapeutic sounds has been carefully developed by complementary medical experts to deliver the same frequencies as those used in clinical or hospital environments. Therefore they help to alter the broken internal sounds, restoring inner harmony and physical vitality so aid in holistic healing.

Listening to healing sound

Using Sound Pharmacy products is easy. Our sounds are constructed with high quality, leading technology which means that there is no distortion so you can listen to your healing sound formulas online or on your personal device such as CELL PHONE, PC, MAC, MP3, MP 4, iPhone, iPad and iPod.

How to Determine the Right Sound for You

It’s important to understand that while the same illnesses have identical frequency patterns, there might be variances in how they present themselves in different people.  While these variances are usually very small, Sound Pharmacy is so advanced, it allows for the differences.  However, bear in mind that each sound must be tailored to the gender, age and weight of the person using it.

Gentle Healing that Genuinely Works

You will find Sound Pharmacy extremely affordable and our sounds are easy to use.  Just a few moments a day can make a significant difference in wellness and many people report immediate results. The added bonus is there are absolutely no side-effects!

Reap The Benefits Of Better Health Today!

At Sound Pharmacy, we want you to reap the benefits of self-healing using sound.  Healing with sound is extremely accessible and in many cases, can be as good as, if not better than leading medical therapy.

(Note: Sound Therapy is an alternative medicine treatment and recommends all clients to consult their physician first to determine ill-health.  Healing sounds is not a substitute to what is known as conventional therapy and treatment although it is enormously effective in assisting the healing process. Please refer to our non-medical statement).

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