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Mental illnesses affect the brain, influencing your thought process, feelings, behavior, and the way you rate to people and your surroundings. A mental disorder or illness is generally associated with subjective distress or disability. There are many different categories of mental disorders which can arise from a number of different factors or a combination. These may include genetics, biological, physical, and environmental factors. Many mental illnesses run in families, suggesting they may be passed on through the genes. Certain mental illnesses may be due to unbalanced chemicals in the brain, i.e. the neurotransmitters. Yet others may be due to psychological trauma during childhood or due to stress from, for example, divorce, a dysfunctional life, changing jobs or schools, and/or drug use.

Sound Pharmacy’s healing sounds for Mental illnesses balances the frequencies of the different mental illnesses as are listed below, balancing them in order to restore good mental health.

Please refer to the guidelines and disclaimer upon purchasing music for brain healing.

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