sensory overload

When you have more sensory input than your brain can absorb and organize, it is said that you have sensory overload. The signs of sensory overload can be brought on by a noisy party, flashing overhead lights, or multiple discussions taking place in the same space.
Anybody can suffer sensory overload, and different people have various triggers for it. Numerous other medical disorders, such as autism, sensory processing disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and fibromyalgia, are linked to sensory overload.
Some typical signs include: excessive irritation and difficulties focusing as a result of conflicting sensory input, Feeling agitated and uneasy, with the need to shut your ears or your eyes to block out sensory information.
heightened levels of sensitivity to textures, textiles, and apparel as a result of tension, fear, or concern about your surroundings, and more.

The “sensory overload” healing sound is a first-rate alternative treatment with best results shown when used for 5 minutes twice daily.

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The “sensory overload” healing sound from Sound-Pharmacy is an effective holistic medical practice with no side effects. Binaural sound therapy is an alternative, advanced form of healing technology using sound frequencies that may address sensory overload naturally and effectively. Listening to the correct sound frequencies in the comfort of your own home may aid in your recovery from this condition.

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