We hope to be able to answer all your healing sound questions below, however, if there are any unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to post a question, and we will endeavor to respond as quickly as possible. contact us.

Will I get faster effect if I listen for more than 5 minutes, and/or more often?

Listening to a healing sound formula 2 times a day for 5 minutes is the required minimum, and enough to gain the full effect.
When listening 3- 4 times a day one may enjoy the effect faster.
However, the effect is similar when listening 4 times a day or more.
We do not recommend increasing each session to more than 5 minutes.

How do you protect my privacy policy?

Privacy Policy

All of our users’ privacy is important and at Sound Pharmacy we respect your privacy regarding any information we collect while operating our website or any affiliate. The following outlines our privacy policy:

  • We identify the purposes for any collection of personal information

  • We only collect and use personal information with the objective of fulfilling those purposes specified by us

  • We only retain personal information as long as necessary to fulfil each order

  • We collect personal information in a lawful and fair manner and with the knowledge of the individual concerned

  • Personal data is only relevant to the purposes for which it is used

  • We protect personal information by appropriate security safeguards against theft and loss and will not disclose information

  • We make our privacy policies and practices readily available to all customers

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Is there any medical evidence to support healing sounds?

Over the years, there have been many studies on the effects of using sound waves to support successful healing. Researchers in the UK led by Dr Hashim Ahmed at the University College London NHS Foundation used sound wave therapy on men with prostate cancer and found it cured 90% of those involved in the trial, with no harmful side effects. The Klaus Tshira Foundation in Germany used sound therapy on sufferers of chronic tinnitus and results reported a decrease in participants’ symptoms. Another study at the University of Rochester in 2005 on Huntington Disease patients used sound therapy in clinical trials which resulted in patients reporting feeling great relaxation.
These are just three studies of hundreds over recent years. You are also welcome to read our clients testimonials. We also recommend that you watch some amazing TED talks on sound healing here.

Do you offer a returns policy?

Unfortunately, because of the nature of the product we cannot offer returns.

What makes your healing sound different from others offered online?

Our healing sounds are reliable, accurate and definitive, tailored to specific illness unlike others available online. All of our healing sounds have been created by experts in their field and our customers strongly recommend us. all our healing sounds are 5 minutes long ready to download, and can be listened on any device, such as: PC, Mac, smartphone, iPad etc.

Can pregnant women use healing sound?

Yes, our healing sounds are perfectly suitable in pregnancy.

Can children use healing sound?

Yes, our healing sounds are perfectly suitable for children.

Can I use more than one sound at a time?

Yes you can, especially if you have different conditions to heal. Moreover, sometimes it’s best to use more than one healing sound. Some healing sounds are for specific illnesses, others are excellent for boosting immunity and therefore combined usage will give you even greater benefit. If you have more than one illness, you can easily use more than one sound. Just play them separately and leave two minutes interval between each sound program.

How many healing sounds do I need?

Each sound corresponds to a specific illness so you would only need one sound for a particular condition.

Can anyone use my healing sound for the same illness?

All of Sound Pharmacy’s sounds are carefully created to correspond to their specific illness and up to 95% of diagnosed individuals will experience the same benefits. However, others can only use the same healing sound if they are experiencing the same condition; they are the same gender, age and weight to get the right results.

I have purchased a couple of healing sounds but there are differences in the audibility – why is this?

Well, some sounds require different frequencies that are very close to the limit of your hearing. In fact, some sounds are so low they are almost inaudible; you might even think there is no sound being played at all. This is not the case, those frequencies are working hard to correct the imbalances and they have the same healing effect as other sounds that appear in the middle range or even in the high range. It very much depends on your condition.

Why do I need to input my gender, age and weight?

Gender, age and weight makes a difference to the type of sound right for your illness, albeit a small difference. It is best to get the utmost benefit from your healing sound so we need that information to determine the perfect healing tone for your condition.

How do I find the corresponding healing sound for my condition?

We have created a very easy to use search tool which is accessible here.

Are there any age restrictions for sound healing?

No, all of our products are suitable for any age and there is no restriction of age or gender for sound healing.

What if I’m not sure of my condition?

It is very important that you seek advice from a medical practitioner and get a diagnosis before using healing sounds. This is so you can tailor the right sound to your illness, as well as completely understand your condition.

Can I use healing sound for any condition?

There are over 1,300 healing sounds to choose from at Sound Pharmacy and each is designed to promote healing of a specific illness. Hopefully, there is a sound to correspond to your condition as our sounds cover physical and mental health too. Additionally, there are plenty of other products available from Sound Pharmacy designed to boost your general health, improve your state-of-mind and promote relaxation. Please read our non-medical statement here.

What side effects do healing sounds have?

There are no known side-effects to healing sounds and they are all deemed perfectly safe to use. As a word of caution, do not use healing sounds at a very high volume and maintain an audible, regular volume as you would when you use any audio device. This is to avoid any potential damage to hearing.

Can I use my healing sound with other treatment, e.g. medical treatment?

Most definitely. We encourage you to use your healing sound with other treatments and do not suggest that you stop any other form of medical treatment while using your healing sound (if you do choose to stop other medical treatment, we strongly urge you discuss this with your medical practitioner beforehand). Do refer to our non-medical statement here.

Do I need to buy a specific earphone system to play my sound?

No, you can choose to play your sound through your device using normal headphones, earbuds or without. It’s a good idea to use quality earphones to get the best benefit.

How do I listen to my healing sound?

Once you have purchased the right sound from Sound Pharmacy, it will download in seconds. You can either listen to it directly online or on your MP3 or MP4 player. It can also be heard on your iPad, iPhone or other smart device. We recommend listening to your sound for a few minutes (mostly 5 minutes, as they are), twice a day (depending on your illness). in this way you will get the right “dose”. Don’t worry, we provide very clear instructions along with your healing sound download. These user instructions contain everything you need to know about your healing sound including how often to listen to it, the volume level required and even how to set most audio devices.

How long do I need to continue using my healing sound?

This varies according to the individual and the illness. Some people experience immediate relief, others within a few days and some need to continue to listen to their healing sound for a few months. Bear in mind that certain chronic conditions may require a longer period of use.

How quickly will I see results?

Most users experience the effects as soon as the healing sound session starts.

Is there a recommended amount of time I should listen to my healing sound?

Generally we would recommend listening to your specific healing sound twice a day for approximately five minutes each (All our healing sounds are 5 minutes long). Some illnesses require longer sessions, perhaps up to several sessions daily. Every healing sound comes with its own set of user instructions that are visible once you have downloaded your product.

Is using healing sound completely safe?

Yes, using Sound Pharmacy’s Healing Sounds is completely safe and non-invasive. Treatments using frequency are deemed safe and approved by the US administration for Relief of Chronic and Acute Pain. All of our healing sounds work in a similar manner to approved models. In our extensive experience we believe that using healing sound as a method of improving health is through meticulous combination of the correct sounds and all of our sounds are within approved frequency range, therefore entirely safe to use. It is best to use moderate volume to avoid any damage to your healing. It is important to remember that it is the sound wave that responsible for the healing action and not the volume.

Why should I use Sound healing?

We strongly believe that our healing sounds can help to promote better health, soothe symptoms of illness, increase wellness and address curing the illness. It is proven in scientific trials that sound frequency waves really do work as a curative method (see below for more scientific information) and our sounds have all been carefully developed by experts in the field.

Is Sound Healing a medical treatment?

“Sound Pharmacy” is obliged by governmental regulations relating to holistic and alternative healing to state the following: Sound Healing is not considered a medical treatment or mental one. Sound healing should not be used as a substitute for conventional healthcare. If you have specific symptoms that have been diagnosed by a physician and if treatment has been recommended to you, you should not use sound healing as a substitute. if you suffer from a specific medical condition we strongly recommend that you seek advice from a medical professional. Using Sound Healing as an alternative should not alter your prescribed medical care, delay seeking medical advice or stop you visiting your doctor. However, Sound Healing is specifically designed to restore and improve health and can work successfully alongside medical treatment. Please read our non-medical statement here for further information.

What Is Sound Healing?

Sound Healing is a tried and tested form of complementary medicine. Sound Pharmacy has over 1,300 different healing sounds that are used to aid healing. Each sound consists of carefully prepared sound frequencies that are specific to individual illnesses. Every area of the body has its own individual sound frequency and illness disrupts the sound waves. Sound healing uses advanced technology involving sound-wave frequencies to correct imbalance. By using the right healing sound for each illness, sound waves are re-balanced to help to alleviate symptoms, pain and promote healing. Each healing sound uses a meticulously designed set of frequencies to treat almost any condition, illness or disease. You are welcome to read more.