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One’s emotional state is an important factor with regards to quality of life and overall health. By balancing emotions, your quality of life and health is improved.
Most emotions have a significant effect on our internal biology. The internal organs, for example, the liver and gallbladder, are associated with anger. The endocrine system, responsible for hormone secretion, is associated with stress and emotional outbursts of anger. The nervous system and chemicals affecting the emotional state in the brain, with dopamine implicated in the brain’s natural reward system, is associated with the generation of pleasure.
By balancing the biological elements associated with an individual emotion, you can balance the emotion itself, albeit of short-term duration. Besides this, balanced emotions are an essential part of physical health, as poor emotional health weakens the immune system, making you prone to illness. Constant and/or extreme negative emotions may lead to various diseases, including a few that are chronic or terminal in nature.


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