What is sound healing?

Vibrational healing through sound=Sound healing.


In short


Each organ in our body emits different vibrations, and when such organ is out of its healthy  state, this vibrations changes. Transmitting to the body specific corrected vibrations can bring the organ back to its desired healthy function. This is true right down to the chromosome level of the body and can be adapted to restore normal function of the body in many different health problems. The correcting vibrations are transmitted to the body through sound, and hence is called “healing sound.”


Scanning the frequencies of various diseases, over many years, revealed that each specific disease produces the same frequencies, in different individuals, in different places and different times.


One can say, metaphorically, that healing sounds address the parts of the body which deviated from their natural course and command them: “Return to your normal mode of functioning.” From one angle healing sounds are conversation with the body’s cells, choosing a mode of conversation that those cells can comprehend.

This could be indeed the most important conversation one can have.


The exact efect, of each healing sound, is tested.


The healing power of sound


The knowledge that certain sound-structures can influence a person’s mind and body has existed since ancient times. The developments of modern medicine, which enables to diagnose diseases more specifically and thereby define their unique causes and characteristics, has also allowed the development of more precise solutions to each disease. This development has promoted greatly the field of healing through sound and allows to develop specific healing sound formulas to a specific disease/disorder.


More specifically


The technique of healing through sounds is based on the ability of sounds to restore mind and body to their original order, its state before it was violated and expressed as a disease. Specific tones correspond to specific parts of the body, right down to the cells, and hence each part of the organ can be balanced by a specific tone.


Sound-Pharmacy’s computerized laboratory offers today about 1,300 specific healing sound formulas for particular diseases, including severe, chronic, physical and mental diseases.


In addition, it offers a range of solutions for maintaining general health and improving quality of life. Advanced internet technologies make it possible for the sound healing method to reach every home or, in fact, each ear, in a simple and immediate manner. Usage is simple and requires only a few minutes a day. The results, in most cases, are concrete and immediate, free of any harmful side-effects.


Each healing sound works all the way down to the cells level.


Adapting healing sound to a disease/disorder


Part of the way any disease – be it mental or physical–expresses itself is the production of its own specific frequencies. These frequencies can be sensed and measured in various ways. Principally, these frequencies are deciphered as sound frequencies. Scanning the frequencies of various diseases over many years revealed that each specific disease produces the same sound frequencies in different individuals, in different places and at different times. These frequencies transmit, in fact, the “ID” of the specific disease. It is therefore possible to adapt a specific healing sound to each such disease “ID” and get it to “talk” to the specific frequency of that disease.


(While this frequency changes slightly from one person to the next according to the specifics of that person’s disease, these changes are minor and are usually “covered” by the healing sound which is activated as a response to that disease as a whole). However, one does have to choose his/her healing sound according to his age and weight.


In addition, general healing sound formulas have been developed which could be utilized to strengthen the health in general, through increasing energy and enhancing mental balance. These healing sounds restore the organism to its normal functioning in these fields.


Using healing sound is much like swallowing a sound capsule.


State of the art technology


When producing sound frequencies formulas, on the level of accuracy and efficiency Sound-Pharmacy has, it must go through the fine-tuning of many essential parameters in order to reach an optimal level of balancing effects of the sounds.


The production of healing sounds requires delicate intoning of thousands of sounds. Every sound receives particular length and pause. This is done specifically according to the sound’s functioning throughout the entire healing sound, depending which disease or condition frequency it is destined to balance. Furthermore, each sequence of sounds receives unique definitions of waveform (sine, square, triangular), pitch, sweep band & length, number of bits per second and channels selection.


That knowledge of the exact parameters for each healing sound is Sound-Pharmacy’s utmost expertise and that is what turns the Sound-pharmacy’s healing sound formulas to be the best in class. The internet  provides a unique opportunity for cutting overheads and offering sound healing to everyone at affordable prices. The healing sounds are remarkably simple to use and require only a few minutes of hearing a day. The balancing results, in most cases, are concrete and immediate, and always free of any harmful side-effects.


Close your eyes, and listen to the sound of your body!


The sound of our body


Each one of us can perform a simple experiment: if we close our eyes and concentrate on finding the sound that our body emits, soon we would notice a whistle-like hum, a specific tone which does not come from outside but rather originates internally. It can be a continuous sound or an interrupted one; sometimes it is a single tone and at other times it is a few tones together combined.


We can easily observe that during illness, or during certain emotional/mental states, the nature of the sound we hear changes. The reason for this is simple–these sounds express directly and precisely what is happening in our body and mind. This is in fact what stands behind the ability to precisely analyze out one’s state of health and the disease one suffers from and choose the precise response to it.


It is no mere coincidence that the nature of healing sounds reminds us of the nature of the sounds heard during such an experiment.


Sound healing goes back to ancient times (Then and Now).


Then and now


It is common knowledge that in the ancient world sound was used for healing. Nowadays, many experts recognize the existence of the “energy anatomy,” which underlies the physical anatomy and is every bit as real and practical. The human body is intrinsically musical, right down to the DNA that makes up our genes. Even our DNA has its own sound. Thus, we can safely say that we are what we hear.


It is true that despite the enormous amount of anecdotal evidence that sound heals, many of the western hospitals still refuses to acknowledge the benefits of sound. Healing by sound employed in only about 20-25 percent of American and European hospitals and is not yet covered by insurance. For various reasons the medical establishments still argue that there is no evidence of the efficacy of sound. This, of course, does not meet the very real results that people, all over the world, have from the healing power of sound.


Fortunately, there is an emerging realization and awakening, all over the world today, to the healing power of sound.