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Nervous System

Nervous System

Consisting of over 100 000 million nerve cells throughout the entire body, the nervous system can be regarded as the body’s control center. It is a network of cells coordinating all the reactions between the different parts of your body and consists of two parts, the central and the peripheral. The components of the central nervous system are the brain, spinal cord, and retina. The peripheral system consists of sensory neurons, cluster of neurons, and nerves connecting them to each other as well as to the central nervous system. Malfunction of the nervous system may be due to genetic defects, physical damage (due to trauma or poison), infection, or the aging process. These problems can be treated naturally with nervous system relaxation sound.

Sound Pharmacy’s healing sounds for problems relating to the nerves helps to balance the frequencies causing specific types of nerve damage so that the nervous system returns to a state of equilibrium. Positive results should be visible within a few days of commencing treatment.

Please refer to the guidelines and disclaimer upon purchasing sound for nervous system regeneration.

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