Our healing sounds are very user-friendly in purchasing and use:

   Click on video to play. use sound

1  Search your healing sound formula/s according to your illness/es or needs.

     (you can use the free text search bar, an A, B, C search option, or search by category).

2  Use PayPal or Credit card to purchase your healing sound formula/s.

3  Download your healing sound formula/s from our site, or from the email you’ll receive. 

4   Listen to your healing sound formula/s for 5 minutes 2 times a day.

      (You are the one to decide if and when you don’t need your healing sound anymore).

5   Keep 2 minutes gap between different healing sound formulas you listen to.

      Follow the changes you feel as a result of using your healing sound/s.

 Click to learn exactly how sound healing works.

For further information please consult our FAQ, or Contacts.