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Kidney / Renal

Kidney / Renal

The main function of the kidneys is the removal of waste products and extra fluid from the body. This it does by means of urination. Urine production involves complex steps of excretion and reabsorption. This is a necessary process that helps maintain a stable balance in body chemicals, e.g. the regulation of salt, acid, and potassium. Additionally, the kidneys produce hormones and vitamins important for other organ functions. Kidney disease usually affects both your kidneys. If their ability to function is compromised, waste products and excess fluids build up. This causes severe swelling and symptoms of uremia. There are a number of different kidney diseases which may be hereditary, congenital, or acquired.

Sound Pharmacy’s kidney disease healing sounds help balance frequencies in the list of kidney diseases as set out below, bringing them to a normal balance. This enables the kidneys to restore a healthy balance. “Kidney general tonic” healing sound can be combined with any of these to support kidney function.

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