Anxiety Attack

An anxiety attack is often referred to as a panic attack. It is characterized by a sudden feeling of intense terror during which you experience a fear of loss of control or even imminent death. Anxiety attacks have accompanying symptoms that include a pounding heart, chest pain, difficulty in breathing, and irrational thinking. Such an attack may last from a few minutes up to an hour.

The “Anxiety attack” healing sound is an excellent alternative healing method with the best results shown when used for 5 minutes twice daily.

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Anxiety attack” healing sound from Sound Pharmacy is an alternative treatment with no side effects that may help people with the symptoms of the condition. Sound healing sessions use sound frequencies to address your particular health issues by means of advanced binaural sound therapy. The medical establishment is increasingly recognizing the sound of healing as an effective alternative treatment when the correct frequency is used. Try this holistic treatment in the comfort of your own home.

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