Treating Blood Conditions Via Sound Therapy

Blog Highlights-

  • Introduction to Common Blood Disorders like Acidosis, Uremia etc.
  • How Sound Therapy Can Help
  • Where to Shop Healing Sounds for Treating Blood Disorders


Health is wealth- this old proverb is the essence of everything we, the people of modern generation need to understand.  Our hectic lifestyle is giving us a number of health issues that affect our physical and mental health.

Blood disorder is one such problem which is affecting a grand population today. Some of the most common blood diseases include-

  • Neutropenia

Neutropenia sees abnormally low level of neutrophils (a type of white blood cells). Neutrophils destroy bacteria in the blood and serve as body’s primary defense against infections. If not treated on time, the condition may become life-threatening.

  • Acidosis

The condition of Acidosis is diagnosed when there is excess of acids in the blood. If not paid heed to, acidosis can lead to academia, making the pH to fall below 7.35.

  • Aneurysm

Sometimes called as Aneurism, an Aneurysm is a bulge in blood vessel. It can be a result of weakened blood vessel wall, or might be caused due to a hereditary condition or any acquired disease. There’s no major symptom indicating this disorder, however, at the severe stage it can cause life-threatening internal bleeding.

  • Toxemia

Toxemia, which is also known as preeclampsia, is a pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH) that usually affects the expecting Women after the 20th week of pregnancy. The condition can be characterized by an unexpected elevation in blood pressure and the presence of high level protein in the urine.

If you or someone you love is fighting with aforesaid or other blood disorders, we would suggest you explore the possibilities of rapid healing by using sound therapy. Healing sounds are proven to boost the healing process and make people roll back to their happy and healthy state.

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