What is sound healing?

In short,

Part of the way any disease, condition, or symptom, be it physical or mental, is expressing itself is by producing its own frequencies with its own unique “ID”. That “ID” can be accurately sensed and deciphered, and thus be influenced by compatible balancing sound frequencies.

Each organ in our body emits different vibrations, and when such organ is out of its healthy state, this vibrations changes. Transmitting to the body specific corrected vibrations can bring the organ back to its desired healthy function. This is true right down to the chromosome level of the body and can be adapted to restore normal function of the body in many different health problems. The correcting vibrations are transmitted to the body through sound, and hence is called “healing sound.”

Scanning the frequencies of various diseases, over many years, revealed that each specific disease produces the same frequencies, in different individuals, in different places and different times.

One can say, metaphorically, that healing sounds address the parts of the body which deviated from their natural course and command them: “Return to your normal mode of functioning.”

From one angle healing sounds are conversation with the cells of the body, choosing a mode of conversation that those cells can comprehend.

This could be indeed the most important conversation one can have.

lab test of healing vibrations.
lab test of healing vibrations.

The healing power of sound

The knowledge that certain sound-structures can influence a person’s mind and body has existed since ancient times. The developments of modern medicine, which enables to diagnose diseases more specifically and thereby define their unique causes and characteristics, has also allowed the development of more precise solutions to each disease. This development has promoted greatly the field of healing through sound and allows to develop specific healing sounds to a specific disease/disorder.

Many experts now recognize the existence of the “energy anatomy” which underlies the physical anatomy and is every bit as important and practical.

(It is true that despite the enormous amount of anecdotal evidence that sound heals, many of the western hospitals still refuses to acknowledge the benefits of sound. Healing by sound employed in only about 20-25 percent of American and European hospitals and is not yet covered by insurance. For various reasons the medical establishments still argue that there is no evidence of the efficacy of sound. This, of course, does not meet the very real results that people, all over the world, have from the healing power of sound.)

Fortunately, there is an emerging realization and awakening, all over the world today, to the healing power of sound.

More specifically

The technique of healing through sounds is based on the ability of sounds to restore mind and body to their original order, its state before it was violated and expressed as a disease.

Specific tones correspond to specific parts of the body, right down to the DNA, and hence each part of the organ can be balanced by a specific tone.

Sound-Pharmacy’s computerized laboratory offers today about 1,300 specific healing sounds for particular diseases, including severe, chronic, physical and mental diseases.

In addition, it offers a range of solutions for maintaining general health and improving quality of life.

Advanced internet technologies make it possible for the sound healing method to reach every home or, in fact, each ear, in a simple and immediate manner. Usage is simple and requires only a few minutes a day. The results, in most cases, are concrete and immediate, free of any harmful side-effects.

graphic ilustration of the sound wave effect.
graphic illustration of the sound wave effect.

Adapting healing sound to a disease

Part of the way any disease–be it mental or physical–expresses itself is the production of its own specific frequencies. These frequencies can be sensed and measured in various ways. Principally, these frequencies are deciphered as sound frequencies. Scanning the frequencies of various diseases over many years revealed that each specific disease produces the same sound frequencies in different individuals, in different places and at different times. These frequencies transmit, in fact, the “ID” of the specific disease.

It is therefore possible to adapt a specific healing sound to each such disease “ID” and get it to “talk” to the specific frequency of that disease.

(While this frequency changes slightly from one person to the next according to the specifics of that person’s disease, these changes are minor and are usually “covered” by the healing sound which is activated as a response to that disease as a whole). However, one does have to choose his/her healing sound according to his age and weight.

In addition, general healing sounds have been developed which could be utilized to strengthen the health in general, through increasing energy and enhancing mental balance. These healing sounds restore the organism to its normal functioning in these fields.

illustration of sound healing designing." Its like a healing sound cupsul"
illustration of sound healing designing.” Its like a healing sound capsule”

State of the art technology

When producing sound frequencies formulas, on the level of accuracy and efficiency Sound-Pharmacy has, it must go through the fine-tuning of many essential parameters in order to reach an optimal level of balancing effects of the sounds.

The production of healing sounds requires delicate intoning of thousands of sounds. Every sound receives particular length and pause. This is done specifically according to the sound’s functioning throughout the entire healing sound, depending which disease or condition frequency it is destined to balance. Furthermore, each sequence of sounds receives unique definitions of waveform (sine, square, triangular), pitch, sweep band & length, number of bits per second and channels selection.

That knowledge of the exact parameters for each healing sound is Sound-Pharmacy’s utmost expertise and that is what turns the Sound-pharmacy’s healing sounds to be the best in class.

The Internet provides a unique opportunity for cutting overheads and offering sound healing to everyone at affordable prices. The healing sounds are remarkably simple to use and require only a few minutes of hearing a day. The balancing results, in most cases, are concrete and immediate, and always free of any harmful side-effects.

listen to the sound of your body!
listen to the sound of your body!

The sound of our body

Each one of us can perform a simple experiment: if we close our eyes and concentrate on finding the sound that our body emits, soon we would notice a whistle-like hum, a specific tone which does not come from outside but rather originates internally. It can be a continuous sound or an interrupted one; sometimes it is a single tone and at other times it is a few tones together combined.

We can easily observe that during illness, or during certain emotional/mental states, the nature of the sound we hear changes. The reason for this is simple–these sounds express directly and precisely what is happening in our body and mind. This is in fact what stands behind the ability to precisely analyze out one’s state of health and the disease one suffers from and choose the precise response to it.

It is no mere coincidence that the nature of healing sounds reminds us of the nature of the sounds heard during such an experiment.

Then and now

It is common knowledge that in the ancient world sound was used for healing. Nowadays, many experts recognize the existence of the “energy anatomy,” which underlies the physical anatomy and is every bit as real and practical. The human body is intrinsically musical, right down to the DNA that makes up our genes. Even our DNA has its own sound. Thus, we can safely say that we are what we hear.

It is true that despite the enormous amount of anecdotal evidence that sound heals, many of the western hospitals still refuses to acknowledge the benefits of sound. Healing by sound employed in only about 20-25 percent of American and European hospitals and is not yet covered by insurance. For various reasons the medical establishments still argue that there is no evidence of the efficacy of sound. This, of course, does not meet the very real results that people, all over the world, have from the healing power of sound.

Fortunately, there is an emerging realization and awakening, all over the world today, to the healing power of sound.

You are welcome to watch some amazing TED talks on the subject.

How Sound Therapy Can Benefit the Heart

Sound therapy uses aspects of music to improve physical and emotional wellbeing. It can be applied to treat many different physical ailments. It is also known to boost the healing process when it comes to recovering from various diseases such as blood-related conditions like Toxemia, Aneurysm and Neutropenia.

Moreover, listening to music is good for the heart—literally. Sound therapy can do wonders for the central organ, specifically those with heart-related problems. It helps in easing a patient’s recovery after a cardiac procedure, heart attack or stroke. Music can relieve stress and even contribute to lower blood pressure. So let’s look at the benefits of sound therapy for heart health and healing.

Reduced blood pressure

Healthline describes how vibroacoustic therapy can affect bodily functions such as blood pressure and breathing. Vibroacoustic therapy uses audible sound vibrations to improve a patient’s health. This research isn’t new, as in the early 2000’s a team at Massachusetts General Hospital found that heart patients confined to bed rest who listened to music 30-minutes every day had lower blood pressure and distress than a group of patients that didn’t. Reduced blood pressure can have many benefits for hypertensive patients as well as people with a high risk of heart disease.

Improved heart rate variability

Heart rate variability is the variation in time between each heartbeat. People who are fit and who exercise regularly have some of the best heart rate variability. High heart rate variability is an indicator of a healthy heart, and is associated with a reduction in mortality rates. A Frontiers in Public Health journal found that acoustic stimulation improved heart rate variability. Furthermore, sound therapy has been noted to lead to a decreased heart rate, which lessens the risk of strokes or sudden cardiac arrest.

Increased blood circulation

Sound-based vibration therapy is also known to increase blood circulation, which is attributed to sound therapy’s healing effects. Improved blood circulation is the reason why many patients with fibromyalgia, a disorder involving musculoskeletal pain, look to sound therapy for healing. It was found that people with the disease use low-frequency sound stimulation to improve their sleep and lessen symptoms of pain. Finnish scientist Olav Skille’s theory was that lower frequencies used in sound therapy improved blood circulation and reduced activity levels in the central nervous system, which facilitated healing and pain relief in various forms. He came to this conclusion after measuring “the physiological and psychological effects of different frequencies on children and adults who had language difficulties, personality disorders, difficulty in motor functions or limited learning capacity.”

Chronic disease and excessive noise

On the other hand, the American Heart Association reports that regular exposure to excessive noise also increases the risk of more heart problems. The findings of their study concluded that people with the highest levels of chronic noise exposure were most likely to suffer cardiovascular events like heart attacks or strokes. With noise pollution becoming a widespread issue, more people will develop chronic diseases because of it. Indeed, this follows a prediction put forward by Maryville University that chronic diseases will affect nearly half of the population by 2025. As more members of the population are affected by excessive noise, the more people may need to turn to sound therapy to combat the chronic heart problems caused by it. An additional benefit of using sound therapy to help the heart is that it is also less intrusive than other procedures. With more people estimated to suffer from chronic illness in the future, many will seek alternative and more cost effective options.

As the above treatments show, the right amount of sound is very beneficial for a person’s body, and a reason why more patients are turning to sound therapy to improve their heart’s health. As more research is done, expect there to be an increase in practices that use sound therapy.

written for sound-pharmacy.com by Jolie Hawks

Improve Your Bone Health with Healing Sounds

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  • Introduction on Bone Diseases
  • How Can Sound Therapy Help in Boosting Bone Health
  • Sound Pharmacy- One-stop Destination to Buy Healing Sounds


We all know that human body is made up of bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and other connective tissues that bind organs and tissues together.

Talking about bones in particular, it is the substance, majorly composed of calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate that makes up the skeleton in humans and other vertebrates. An adult human body has 206 bones in total, each having a multifaceted internal and external structure.

As bones help in movement, production of red & white blood cells, protection of vital organs and storage of minerals, it is must to pay heed to the bone health, which is why we would suggest you to go ahead and explore the power of sound therapy.

How Sound Therapy Can Help in Improving Bone Health

In today’s time, millions are dealing with bone diseases such as arthritis secondary, arthritis rheumatoid, bone trauma, etc. that make bones weak and more likely to break. In certain cases, bones may also develop infections and cancer, making people face a really hard time.

To achieve or maintain a positive bone health, we would suggest you to have faith in the power of healing sounds. Healing sounds is a therapy that uses different aspects of sounds and vibrations to enhance a person’s physical and mental wellbeing. One can discover healing music for oteoarthritis – OA, disc herniated, arthritis secondary, and many other diseases to solve specific bone problems and live an active life.

If you wish to learn more and experience the power of healing sounds, you can go and check the website of Sound Pharmacy. This website brings a broad variety of healing music for bone conditions like stenosis, osteoarthritis, bone spurs and more. Visit the website Sound-pharmacy.com to find sounds that can make you healthy.


Please refer to our disclaimer – https://sound-pharmacy.com/disclaimer

Say No to Back Pain with Sound Therapy

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  • How can Sound Therapy be Used to Alleviate Back Pain
  • Buying Healing Sounds from Sound Pharmacy

As per the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, 75-85% of Americans are likely to experience back pain in their lifetime.

It is stated that 50 percent of the given range will deal with more than one episode within a year- and these stats do talk about the problem and its severity.

Some of the back pains are self-inflicted (blame our tedious lifestyle) and others are caused due to muscle strains, accidents, or sports injuries.

Some of the common types of back pain include-

  • Upper and middle back pain- Persistent aching/stiffness or localized pain anywhere in the upper or middle back
  • Sciatica- High intensity pain in lower back and the legs
  • Low backache with spasms– Can be triggered due to lifting heavy weights causing injuries to the muscles, tendons, and/or ligaments. Feels like a ‘knot’.
  • Nighttime back pain- Unique case of back pain which can be a sign of a serious spine problem

Generally, back pains can be really complex and hard to diagnose-treat effectively. However, thanks to the progress in the healthcare industry, now a wide range of treatments are available to help people get rid of the back pain, including drugs, surgeries and complementary medicines. One such complementary medicine is sound therapy that aims to deal with the cause of back pain and heal the person, all for good. No matter the pain is caused by a pain in the interconnecting bones, nerves, muscles, ligaments, or tendons, the power of healing sounds can bring back the lost equilibrium and help people achieve maximum comfort.

If you want to reduce your backache chronic lower or soothe any other type of back pain, do visit the website of Sound Pharmacy. It’s a leading online store where one can find the most amazing selection of healing music and vibrations. You can explore the source and find over 1,300 sounds, all serving the purpose of helping people find the best balance between their mind, body and soul. To know more, please visit the source Sound-pharmacy.com.

Treating Blood Conditions Via Sound Therapy

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  • Introduction to Common Blood Disorders like Acidosis, Uremia etc.
  • How Sound Therapy Can Help
  • Where to Shop Healing Sounds for Treating Blood Disorders


Health is wealth- this old proverb is the essence of everything we, the people of modern generation need to understand.  Our hectic lifestyle is giving us a number of health issues that affect our physical and mental health.

Blood disorder is one such problem which is affecting a grand population today. Some of the most common blood diseases include-

  • Neutropenia

Neutropenia sees abnormally low level of neutrophils (a type of white blood cells). Neutrophils destroy bacteria in the blood and serve as body’s primary defense against infections. If not treated on time, the condition may become life-threatening.

  • Acidosis

The condition of Acidosis is diagnosed when there is excess of acids in the blood. If not paid heed to, acidosis can lead to academia, making the pH to fall below 7.35.

  • Aneurysm

Sometimes called as Aneurism, an Aneurysm is a bulge in blood vessel. It can be a result of weakened blood vessel wall, or might be caused due to a hereditary condition or any acquired disease. There’s no major symptom indicating this disorder, however, at the severe stage it can cause life-threatening internal bleeding.

  • Toxemia

Toxemia, which is also known as preeclampsia, is a pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH) that usually affects the expecting Women after the 20th week of pregnancy. The condition can be characterized by an unexpected elevation in blood pressure and the presence of high level protein in the urine.

If you or someone you love is fighting with aforesaid or other blood disorders, we would suggest you explore the possibilities of rapid healing by using sound therapy. Healing sounds are proven to boost the healing process and make people roll back to their happy and healthy state.

You can explore a great selection of healing sound and vibrations on Sound Pharmacy. This online store brings most powerful healing sounds that you can hear to restore balance in your body’s blood frequencies and check blood disorders. To know more, visit Sound-pharmacy.com.

Kiss Goodbye to Allergies with Sound Therapy

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  • Overview of Allergy Problems
  • How Sound Therapy Can Help to Check Anaphilaxis and Other Allergies
  • Where to Buy the Best Sounds Online?


Allergic diseases, as many are aware are medical conditions where the immune system reacts abnormally due to the effect of some foreign substance. It is basically the sickness of immune system. Right from our very favorite food items such as peanuts, milk, soy, and eggs to dust, animals, cosmetics, and many more, one can get an allergy from anything that triggers an overreaction of their immune system.

Millions today are dealing with one or more allergies, and each year the cases are rising due to our absurd and hectic lifestyle. To deal with this, people are routing to sound healing, an alternative therapy that uses healing tones and frequencies to achieve optimal wellbeing. The therapy is believed to bring body’s energy imbalances in harmony, thus improving both mental and physical health. With the right sounds, you can treat and improve a grand number of allergies, some of which are listed below-


  • Anaphilaxis
  • Bakers yeast allergy
  • Hay fever
  • Injection allergic reaction
  • Mucor racemosis
  • Hormodendrum
  • Penicillium notatum

Sound healing can naturally soothe discomforts caused by these and other allergies. One can consider using these by themselves or alongside with mainstream medicines to see a drastic improvements in their allergies.


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Why It’s a Good Idea to Shop Healing Sounds Online

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  • Some popular healing sounds
  • Why you should go and shop healing sounds from an online pharmacy


Today, millions talk and believe in the power of alternative and complementary medicine. People are now gladly embracing home remedies and other traditional therapies that are being used since ages to bring back the equilibrium of mind, body and soul. Sound therapy is one such alternative medicine that boosts the healing process of a person, making it easier for them to achieve to live a long and healthy life. Today, we’ll discuss about some of the popular healing music that one can consider buying from an online medicine shop; here you go-

  • Weight Control- The frequency and vibration of these sounds helps to check and manage weight issues.
  • Memory Loss Prevention- All those who want to sidestep dementia and memory problems due to aging can shop this from an online medicine store to avoid forgetfulness.
  • Unhappiness- Life is indeed a roller coaster with several highs and lows. If you are feeling emotionally low and unhappy, these sounds can help you find joy in the little things.
  • Ear, Nose, and Throat- There are healing sounds that are specifically meant to balance the frequencies and address multiple ENT problems like anosmia, ear fungus, hoarseness, Adenoids etc.
  • Eye Disorders- Eyes enable us to see this beautiful world. If you have eyesight issues or disorders, you can go and explore healing sounds that fit your need.

Shop Healing Sounds from Sound Pharmacy

These, and hundreds and thousands of healing sounds can be bought easily online from Sound Pharmacy. Using these sounds will bring gradual yet significant improvements in your health conditions. To explore the healing sounds and to know more about this online medical store, visit the website Sound-pharmacy.com.

3 Ways that Sound Affects Our Wellbeing & Productivity

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• Sound Healing introduction as a widely embraced alternative and complementary medicine
• Learn how sound therapy can affect a person’s productivity
• A go-to online store to shop high-quality music and sounds


Have you ever noticed your change of attitude when you are close to nature?

Or when you are in church and the bell rings?

Or simply when you hear someone singing a lullaby to a little munchkin?

Well, we are sure- you too, just like millions and zillions, find calmness in these sounds. This is the magic of music- it lets people discover a sense of relaxation and enter in a zen-like state. Healing sounds are ideal to establish harmony between mind, body, and soul, making it easier for people to achieve optimal wellbeing. If you too want to feel and embrace the positive effect of sound therapy, then read on- today we are going to discuss how sound therapy can help you to become more productive and deliver efficient performance-

  • Improves Focus

In this digital age, most of us stay distracted- we feel this urge to check our notifications and emails all the time, which affects the quantity and quality of work. Healings sounds can help you improve focus and concentrate on work better.

  • Amplifies the Quality of Sleep

Several people today are suffering from insomnia where they just cannot sleep properly. There are several healing tones available that assist people to enjoy a deep sleep and wake up in a super-active mode.

  • Turns the Bad Mood Around

Many a time, we feel irritated due to the immense work we need to complete. This causes anger and frustration build-up, which can be subsided using the calming effect of healing music. It can help a person feel better and enjoy the surroundings without letting any external factor affect their peaceful state of mind.

Sound Pharmacy is a leading online store where you can shop for a variety of healing music and royal rife frequencies. To know more, check the website Sound-pharmacy.com.

Top 3 Healing Sounds for Busy Souls

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  • Top 3 Healing Sounds
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Most of us know about sound therapy and its mammoth benefits. Listening to healing sounds produces right vibrational energies that affect general wellbeing of humans and improves their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Today, we have narrowed down three healing sounds that are specifically designed to help people live a more content and stress-free life. Not only these sounds promote an amplified sense of relaxation but also help in making a person more efficient and productive. Let’s explore the must-have sounds for on the run people-

  1. Weight Control

Today, numerous people are stuck with their monotonous desk job. They sit most of the time and get no time to exercise, leading to adding up extra pounds. One can choose to listen to weight control healing music twice a day (5 minutes) to exploit its appetite balancing formula and keep weight in control.

  1. Insomnia

Chronic sleeplessness is becoming a big-time problem for millions today. If you too want to sleep like a baby, it is recommended to listen to insomnia healing sound that helps in promoting the ability to enjoy a sound sleep.

  1. Slowing Aging Process

If you wish to look radiant and youthful, you should definitely consider hearing sounds that are designed to slow down the aging process. This sound can impact your strength, speed of reaction, agility, hearing capacity, metabolism and more to make you feel young and healthy.

If you are keen to buy these and similar other healing sounds online, you should visit the website of Sound Pharmacy once. There you can discover a multitude of healing sounds that will help you live your life to the fullest. To check the source, visit the website Sound-pharmacy.com.

Healing Sound Therapy

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  • The Healing Power of Sound
  • Why Sound Therapy is Becoming So Popular
  • An Exceptional Website to Buy Healing Music for Illness and Stimulate Deepened Relaxation


Today, the world is not the same as it used to be a few decades back.

Everyone seems to be confronting some issues on their personal and professional front. When left unattended these small concerns become some serious health problems and affect a person’s productivity and performance on multiple levels. Needless to say, it is vital to find ways that can promote a sense of wellbeing and lead to the path of optimal wellness. If you too are trying to discover one such way, we would suggest you to explore what they call sound healing. It’s an alternative therapy that induces a positive effect on a person’s mental, spiritual, and physical health, enabling them to live a more content life. Let’s dig deeper-

Healing Power of Sound- Why It’s Becoming Massively popular?

Sound Healing is a kind of vibrational medicine (Originally developed by Royal Raymond Rife as healing frequencies at the 1930s) that works on a specific concept. It is believed that our bodies contain energy frequencies which when aren’t in harmony triggers health problems. However, if one attunes with them using sounds of specific frequencies, they can enhance their immune system stimulation, sidestep body pains, repair DNAs and much more. These sounds and tones spur the healing process and thus gives people the calm to become the best version of themselves.

You might not be aware, but presently one can explore and buy vibrational music online. From sound to general antiseptic and cholesterol control, one can find several curative sounds to improve their quality of life. One such website to shop best-quality healing sounds is Sound Pharmacy. They have a collection of over 1300 sounds to bring mind and body frequencies into alignment. For more info and to understand how Healing Sounds is possible with vibrations, check the website Sound-pharmacy.com now.